Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Joy Dare - 3 Gifts in the Kitchen

Today's Joy Dare is to find 3 Gifts in the Kitchen.

Considering how much I love my kitchen and being in it, this one's a breeze and a perfect opportunity for a photo post! I couldn't stop at three...

Over-ripe bulk bananas on sale at the grocery store. In just a couple days they'll be transformed into tasty morsels of baked delight!

The knives my dad made for me. Hand-crafted blades and handles, made with love and sharpened every time he comes to visit!

Fruit. So simple, so healthy and so beautiful. I think a colorful fruit bowl is my favorite decorative addition for my kitchen. (And did you notice that rockin' tile behind it?!)

Breaking into a fresh coconut. A first for us!
The coconut water...

The first impressions... She's a foodie in the making, always noticing the first tastes and the (in her words) ending taste. Two thumbs up from her, she'd like to try it in tea.

First impression? Not so hot. She spit her mouthful back in the cup, much to her sister's dismay.
Examining the freshly-opened meat.

Dragon fruit!

Dessert! Dragon fruit (kind of like kiwi), Star fruit (kind of like an Asian pear), and fresh coconut. A delightful adventure in texture and new flavor!

Another treasure I keep in my kitchen. Somewhat faded by time, I think of the special flower-giver and maker when I look at them.
It's small, but I can feed a lot of people because of the love that has gone into it.
P.S. That jar of pre-made pasta sauce? I'm also counting it and the pasta beside it as gifts - they allowed me time to surf the net in my quest to capture the Aurora "on film."

Can you find three gifts in your kitchen? I'd love to hear what they are!


  1. Oooo, I like this post! Love the pictures, especially the one of the fruit.

    My kitchen gifts are people! 1. I came home from work to a little sweetheart nose-high to a pile of fresh chocolate chip cookies she'd made. 2. A hubby who helped clean up the mess she'd made! ;-) 3. The sweet teen had assembled some of the ingredients that went into the casserole I threw together at 6 p.m.

  2. Great post Melanie. I don't think I've ever had any of the 3 fruits (well, I've had coconut, but not fresh like that)

    3 gifts in my kitchen??...
    1. My large Cuisinart Kitchen mixer. I love it and it sure has been handy to have in the last several year.
    2. A dinner that everyone seemed to like and I didn't hear a single complaint about. And that is very rare!
    3. I see an empty glass plate. A plate that doesn't belong to me, but to a good friend of mine, who surprised me a while ago when she made me a large beautiful cake for my birthday.

  3. Mine were rather silly. And I'm afraid I would have been spitting with daughter # 2

    Savannah Smiles – best Girl Scout Cookie ever!

    Roo, who comes running and leaps to the counter every time I turn the water on, so he can watch the running water (and Tigger who seems to be trying to figure out why it’s such a big deal)

    Well stocked cabinets, fridge, and freezer – we may not eat exactly what we want but we will not starve anytime soon!

    Tigger and Roo are my cats. :)

  4. I loved this post as well. Mine were 1) making dinner for friends so they didn't have too. 2) chocolate chip cookies....yummy and 3) my kitchen itself. I love my kitchen!