Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Joy Dare - February 28

Confession: I fell off the Joy Dare Wagon for a while. A friend said she missed my posts. I realized just how much I missed the mark when I lost my focus. So here I am, amazed yet again at how I am able to rise to the challenge and think of the dared gifts when my first thought was "What? Really?"

Today's Joy Dare: 3 gifts from the past - that help you trust in the future.



A legacy left and a legacy to leave.

A legacy forever changed.

My gifts:

Letters from my grandmother. She'll be 99 years young in just a few weeks and although she's slowing down, she's just as spunky as she ever was. Although her body is starting to give out, her determination is to be admired. Nearly blind and not able to get around like she once did, she lives alone and loves to share her stories. We write back and forth to each other and I have kept every letter she has sent me - and I'm willing to bet she has every letter anyone has ever sent her. What an amazing gift it would be to peruse those one day. 

These letters - my grandmother's legacy - give me hope that one day (ha! ok, some of you might say it's already happened) I'll be just as spunky, steadfast and determined as she is. Maybe it would be better to say that they give me hope that I'll still be like that at her age.

My husband. Together we share many, many dreams for the future. Front porches and rocking chairs, world travel, and changing our family's heritage....
... with this. Leading our children by example, living out our faith in the every day. Praying for increased boldness and pouring over this book like letters from a new love. The best hope for and trust in the future we could ever ask for.